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LINK has more businesses listed for sale than any business brokerage in the world. More businesses owners trust LINK to care for the important task of confidentially selling their businesses. LINK connects committed buyers with their ideal sellers.  We manage communication between buyer and seller, ensuring sensitive business information is safeguarded – the secure way to sell a business. By choosing LINK you gain access to a pool of experienced business intermediaries. We will pair you with a broker that specializes specifically in your area of business, meaning the sale of your business is handled by someone who really understands the industry you are in. Our brokers thoroughly scrutinize and qualify prospective buyers, ensuring the sales process is completed with the utmost confidentiality and professional As the largest business brokerage in the world, rapidly expanding throughout the US, we are committed to the successful sale of your business. Choosing LINK opens the door to a wealth of information on how to successfully sell your business, as well as specialist advice and access to our large database of real buyers. LINK connects sellers with the right buyers. So whether you are looking to sell your business or are browsing with the intention of buying a business, you are in good hands with LINK – the authority in business sales.

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Sell and Buy a Business in Los Angeles At LINK, we are a business brokerage that matches businesses for sale with motivated buyers. Established in 1996 we have thousands of successful matches, we are the leading business brokerage in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“Just wanted to send you a quick email saying thanks for all your help with getting the sale over the line. I know it sure wouldn’t have happened without you! I imagine it wasn’t your easiest deal ever, but you got it done. Also, when I’m looking at buying another business (which maybe sooner than you think) I’ll be back in touch as well. Thanks again.” 

Tony Germain

“Hi, we just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help over the past couple of months. We can now see why you’re #1.
First night of service went well and it was a big night for the business so we are off to a roaring start!
Also a big thanks for the lovely champagne it was such a nice surprise.”

Dan & Daphne Brookes

“Your professionalism and patience throughout the whole process has simply been amazing to watch! We can smile about it now, but there were a few bumpy turns along the way. Tricky situations that you handled without fuss and solved efficiently as they arose..” 

Robert Cruickshank

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