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Business Description

Listing#: LA04863

Price: $5,000,000

Business Description

First online customer facing automotive platform that solves the issue of lack of trust between the Consumer and the Auto Dealer. We are seeking Sales & Marketing SaaS Industry Buyer, the candidate will bring Industry leadership, capital and a sales and marketing savvy to bring this Company to the next level. The Candidate will be able to purchase just controlling interest or the entire interest while retaining existing management as needed and negotiated. Competing software has the auto dealer doubting the credibility of the lead itself (stale) and the consumer doubts the credibility of the advertisement (bait and switch). This business model generates live lead requests to auto dealers and returns live offers to consumers most often in real-time. This is the holy grail for auto dealerships creating a software as a service niche to generate scalable reliable recurring revenue. The Founders invested $2.5 million building the software, marketing and ultimately proof of execution. This is a turn key ready for market opportunity. When we started the company, we believed it would cost roughly $1 million to make the software operational. As with all software development it took an additional $1.5 million to produce the fully functioning software system and our baseline marketing has been live tested ready for launch.