Business Description

Listing#: LA04722

Price: $775,000

Profit: $400,000

Sales Revenue: $800,000

Business Description

Fastest to Market Commemorative Books 

This established publishing company is all about being first to market for their 192-page commemorative books celebrating champions. Sales are on-line and at retail locations throughout the champion’s home city.  Books are published for the Super Bowl Champs, World Series Champs, Stanley Cup Champs, NBA Champs and College Football and Basketball Champions. Books are also published for major social events such as passing of a very famous person, retirement of a superstar player or commemorating a major social event.  

From 25,000 to 125,000 copies of the books are published within 36 hours of a champion being crowned. Knowing the market is the key. Seller has over 10 years of experiences that they want to share with the buyer. 

This business is ideal for on-line marketing companies, publishers looking for new and fresh content, printing companies with the right capabilities and that sports nut that loves to make money.  

Act fast to tap into the huge potential of the upcoming MLB’s World Series.