If You Are a Self Starter Looking for Large Earnings Potential, Contact LINK LA

Today’s brokerage business is competitive, with thousands of offices looking to snap up the best opportunities. When working in such a market, having the right positioning makes the difference. This means two things – working in the right region and having the company on your side – two advantages that come from working with LINK LA.

Opportunity and the Los Angeles Economy

If Los Angeles County were a country, it would be the world’s 19th-largest economy. It’s one of the top three richest city economies in the world, with a GDP exceeding Norway, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. It’s an emerging tech hub and a powerful force in American manufacturing. Its port handles 40 percent of container-carried goods entering the U.S. and is a vital center of business transactions ranging from small business retail and restaurants, all the way to large IT firms.

It comes together at a time of considerable change in business development, largely driven by advancing technology such as Customer Relations Management software, augmented reality and a growing expectation in the consumer base of deeply personalized and curated customer experiences. These are trends that will favor turnover in the ownership of businesses not positioned to compete in this emerging landscape, and provide profitable opportunities for would-be buyers who utilize the knowledge and experience of a high-quality broker service.

This is one of the biggest possible stages on which to make your name as a business broker, an environment providing opportunity on a scale that few other cities can offer. Choosing LA though, is only one step toward positioning yourself to take advantage of those opportunities.

The Resources Provided by LINK LA

LINK is the world’s top international business brokerage firm. Its reputation comes from marketing that’s second to none, deep experience with mid- to upper-range business sales and a high standard of professionalism maintained in ethical, comfortable and healthy working environments. LINK’s powerful broker tools and software system are globally recognized. The company works hard to maintain innovation and to make sure franchisees receive support from their parent company.

This means with LINK LA, you have a foothold in the challenging brokerage industry at an office which uses the resources that come with an international company. LINK LA has been in business for 20 years and has listed and sold thousands of businesses, employing both generalist and specialist brokers to satisfy the diverse needs of clientele.

This is an opportunity to excel with the help of experienced colleagues who know what it takes for you to reach your personal goals.

What Kind of Person is Right for LINK LA?

The LINK professional is someone with experience in sales and has taken to heart its most important lesson: Real sales proficiency is rooted in rapport with customers whose best interests are your No. 1 goal. They are self-starters who welcome challenges as an opportunity and derive satisfaction from setting and exceeding goals. At LINK LA, you will be part of the world’s most culturally diverse settings as 10 different languages are spoken in the office.

If this describes you, then joining the broker team at LINK LA may be the perfect opportunity. Contact us today to find out how.