LINK LA Helps Business Owners Find Qualified Buyers

Selling your business is often something you plan for well in advance, but circumstances can be different for every individual. Whether you’re planning for retirement, building up your business for a profitable sale, or looking to pass ownership to your employees, the brokers at LINK in LA can help. They specialize in finding the right buyers at the right time for you — whenever that may be.

LINK LA’s Existing Network

One of the benefits of working with an established business broker is that they have a network and database of prequalified buyers looking for solid business opportunities.  That doesn’t mean they represent the buyer over your interests; it means that they know interested parties — or exactly where to find them — even before you come to them with a business listing.

Having an existing network and access to buyers makes it possible to sell your business faster, than if you simply started advertising it on your own. Plus, you benefit from the expert knowledge of LINK brokers. When it comes to factors such as marketing your business, and ensuring it’s in the best position to command a competitive sale price, LINK LA is the logical and only choice.

Market-based Information Memorandum

LINK LA brokers work with you to develop a market-based information memorandum, which represents your business model and financial condition accurately. The memorandum is used to circulate the listing of your company to our large buyer pool.

Benefits of a professionally crafted information memorandum include:

  1. The ability to provide enough specific details about your business to attract potential buyers without breaching confidentiality, as well as the option of not stating your actual business name; this is for those who would like to remain anonymous in the early parts of the marketing process.
  2. The inclusion of accurate details, to avoid misrepresentation that could derail transactions after you’ve already put in time and effort.
  3. Taking market and trend factors into account; the memorandum is a well-structured document, which casts your business listing positively within the overall market.

Casting a Wide Net

LINK LA has a wide array of marketing channels over which your business listing can be cast. The brokers use all forms of media to get the word out about your business. This includes social media, e-newsletters, electronic mailers, direct mailers and ads placed on multiple business websites. LINK has 30 locations that span over multiple states and provides a presence in four countries. The success of the sale of your business isn’t limited by a geographic location. Even if you don’t think there’s a potential buyer for your company in the local market, LINK may be able to find a national or international investor who is looking to expand, or a buyer from another state considering a move to Los Angeles or the surrounding area.

Contact LINK LA today to discuss the opportunities and options available to sell your business.  Through our unique sales structure, LINK’s goal is to maximize your business return, while minimizing the stress of the sales process. We achieve this by pairing you with a knowledgeable business broker, who has experience in your field of business.

If you are interested in selling your business, please contact Richard Hershey and he will pair you with your ideal broker, or schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone conversation by clicking the link below.

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