LINK LA: Looking for Real Estate Agents

LINK LA is looking to partner with real estate agents who are motivated to seek success and who want to help business owners and entrepreneurs do the same. Our diverse and experienced team offers premiere business brokering services in Los Angeles and other areas of California. With the growth of the market and the needs of businesses of all types, we need help making business dreams come true.


LINK is a trusted name in global business brokering. We have offices in several US cities as well as New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. Our goal is to help business owners and those looking to own a business meet their own goals. We do that by supporting their dreams so they can take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey. That’s true whether the next step is buying more property or another business to add to the brand family, selling a business so they can pursue other opportunities or retirement, or buying their first company and stepping into the role of an owner for the first time.

What does LINK LA know about goals and success? Consider this: LINK began as an Auckland-based company in 1996. About two decades later it had offices across the globe, including our location in Los Angeles. Our model is built upon the ideas and best practices that drove that fast, global growth.

Why Work for LINK LA as a Business Broker?

Working with LINK LA means you get to tap into that business model, which can foster fast growth for you personally. We are prepared to support you as you integrate into the LINK family so you can expect a more seamless transition to be a broker for LINK’s clients.

Here are just a few reasons to work with LINK LA:

  • We can tap into global networks given our presence in numerous countries, and that provides both stability and growth potential.
  • We’re highly experienced with mid-to-upper end business sales, and we’ve developed proven processes for making things happen, which is ideal in supporting the work of brokers.
  • We don’t just care about our clients; we work hard to establish healthy, comfortable working environments and partnerships for everyone involved in our business.

Coming on board with LINK LA, you can take advantage of some specific benefits tailored to support your success. We want quality agents to stick with us, which is why we pave the way to success in the first year, so you can lay the foundation you need to succeed in the future.

When you start working with us, you’ll also benefit from a state-of-the-art training and development systems designed to ensure you have all the tools you need for success. Whether you’re an established agent or just starting out, we don’t throw you into our processes without ensuring you understand them.

Finally, you can leverage our turnkey lead generation system to grow and build your client database and success in the future. You do so by knowing that your partnership with LINK LA is always there to toe the line, providing a foundation you can stand on as you make your name in business brokering.

Find Out More Now

Want to find out more about this opportunity? Contact us today. Reach out by phone at 310-539-8300 extension 501 to speak with someone about joining LINK LA or email us at