Looking to Buy a Business in a Specific Industry? LINK LA Is Your Answer.

LINK LA is the leading business brokerage in the Los Angeles, CA, region. Established in 1996, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs find businesses with huge growth potential in the industries they’re interested in. Our resident team in Long Beach includes experts in all of the area’s biggest industries, and we have the knowledge in house to guide our clients through the process of finding and buying promising local businesses.

Buying a Business in Southern California

Getting your business off the ground in California carries unique challenges. Buying into the market through an established business broker helps you overcome many of those start-up challenges and grants you immediate access to a market with 40 million potential customers and consumer spending that leads the nation.

Southern California’s Leading Industries

Southern California is the most heavily populated part of the state. Los Angeles County alone has over 10 million people, and the surrounding counties have millions more. This is potentially a huge workforce full of highly educated people and a customer base that makes a median $56,000 a year household income. Roads, electricity, water and other critical pieces of infrastructure almost couldn’t be better for local businesses, and a thriving local economy gives the region some of the best B2B potential in the country.

State and county authorities have made a commitment to encourage development in Southern California’s seven key industries. These are the biggest, most promising areas for continued economic expansion in the region. They are:

  • Health care. As the population ages, the health care industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Southern California is home to Cedar Sinai, USC, many other world-class medical centers and countless clinics and medical supply companies.
  • Manufacturing. The Los Angeles region is now the most heavily industrialized area in the country, and more people work in manufacturing here than in the entire state of Michigan.
  • Trade. The Port of Los Angeles is the entry point for 40 percent of all U.S. imports. This has made the region boom with trade and logistics-related businesses.
  • Hospitality. Thousands of local residents work in Southern California’s huge hospitality industry, ranging from unskilled labor to MBA-level management of large hotel chains. The proximity to Disneyland, Six Flags and many other attractions, including what is arguably the best surfing in the world, draws millions of affluent visitors a year.
  • Entertainment. Hollywood is a straight shot up the Gardenia Highway from LINK LA’s office in Long Beach. This is the headquarters of a multibillion-dollar industry that has made the region iconic.
  • Bioscience. Advanced education and hefty investments in gene labs, forensic science and medical research have made the Los Angeles area one of the leading regions for new innovations in bioscience.
  • Construction. Los Angeles is huge. Vast tracts of land are constantly being developed, both as residential and commercial real estate, and the construction trades are almost never slow.

LINK Los Angeles has expert business brokers on staff who have spent years working in these fields. They know the ins and outs of buying into leading local brands for each of these industries, as well as the other major local sectors, such as agriculture and finance. Our expertise is invaluable to buyers from out of state and to new investors getting into the local industry for the first time who need advice on what to look for in a rising star local company.

LINK LA’s Team of Expert Business Brokers

LINK is a business brokerage firm with global reach. We connect buyers and sellers of solid, profitable businesses with one another from our offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Our Long Beach location is just one of 28 sites where our local experts work with interested buyers to find the perfect company in the most promising industries around. We have the knowledge, experience and local contacts needed to help new buyers at every step of the process. For more information about how we can help you too, give the LINK LA office a call at (310) 539-8300 for a free, no-obligation consultation today.